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Community Beginnings

The community of Winchester in Riverside County, California was originally founded in 1886 in a place that was known as Pleasant Valley. The community was co-founded and named after Ms. Amy Winchester, a widow, who bought the property and created several lots for settlement. A Methodist church was one of the first large structures to be built. The church dates back to 1886 and is still in use today. The four main roads of Winchester are also named after the founder of the Methodist church, Wesley, and three of its top Bishops, Asbury, Taylor and Simpson. The original community of Winchester had a strict temperance clause. “No intoxicating beverages could be sold” on any of the lots for settlement or the land would revert back to Ms. Winchester.

For most of its history, Winchester was a rural town with agriculture at its heart. Dairy farms and fields of oats, hay, and potatoes dominated the landscape into the late 1990’s. Today Winchester is still a small, rural community with a population of only 2,534. Although the amount of agriculture has decreased, it is still home to ag-related businesses, like the Winchester Cheese Company. It is not an officially incorporated city, but remains a CDP or census-designated place. Winchester is the second oldest community in the San Jacinto Valley and remains a quaint rural town with a slower paced lifestyle and a tight-knit community feel.

Unique Pest Problems

The rural lifestyle is preferred by some people and by even more pests. Winchester has some unique pest issues because of its rural location. Rodents like mice, rats, and gophers are prolific in these areas because of the ample food supply and open space to live. They can often get into resident’s yards and homes and cause property destruction as well as being a general nuisance. Less common pests like snakes and scorpions are also seen at higher rates in these rural areas because their natural habitat is much closer to the homes. Residents of the Winchester area also have ants, termites, roaches, and ticks that are common throughout Riverside County. With hot summers and temperate winters, Winchester must deal with these insects on a year-round basis. They will reproduce particularly quickly in the hot summers, and will seek shelter in homes during weather extremes like cold or wet seasons.

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Residents of Winchester can count on quality pest control offered through Top Notch Pest Solutions.We understand the unique rural nature of the community of Winchester and have the knowledge and resources to meet every pest challenge. With over 30 years in the pest control business, you can trust our trained and licensed technicians to keep your family safe and eliminate the pests. Whether you are tired of endless ants or are dealing with a bedbug infestation, we are the solution to any of your pest problems.

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