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A City of Diversity

Perris, California is home to about 68,000 people. Perris is an extremely diverse city with a Latino majority. Many of the Latinos that live in Perris today are descendants of Mexican traqueros that gathered in Perris way back in the 1890’s. Traqueros was the Spanglish name given to Mexican American railroad workers of the era. They were quite numerous on the California Southern Railroad and would often form communities together. Then starting about 25 years ago, major immigration to the area continued to increase its diversity. Many African Americans and Asian Americans moved from the extremely populated areas around L.A. to Perris to find more affordable housing. Today, over 70% of the population is of Hispanic or Latino origin and there are above average numbers of African Americans and Asian Americans scattered throughout the city. These percentages are expected to grow in the future as Perris continues to attract people of many cultures and backgrounds.

Here’s a look at the famous rock castle in Perris:

Pests in Perris

Perris is situated in Riverside County where they have warm to hot summers and mild winters. Due to these temperate winters and over 260 days per year of sunshine, Perris and other cities in Riverside County have attracted many people who love the warm weather. Unfortunately, the weather is also ideal for many household pests. Termites, roaches, mosquitoes, and bedbugs are common pests that bother the residents in Perris. Black widow spiders are also plentiful in the area due to its temperate, dry climate. Perhaps the pests affecting the most people are ants because they are a year round problem in Southern California. Argentine ants are particularly numerous and difficult to control. The hot weather in the summer and rainy season in the winter drives these ants indoors and leaves many people looking for solutions.

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If you need pest control solutions, look no further! Top Notch Pest Solutions services the city of Perris and many other locations throughout Riverside County. We can help you with any of these annoying and dangerous insects. Along with insects, we also can help with rodents, scorpions, and snakes. With over 30 years of experience in the pest control business, we are confident in our products and our services. We are so confident that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. You can be sure that we will take care of any pests that are bugging your family. From ticks to rats and everything in between, if you need help controlling the pests around your home, give us a call today.

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