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“Horsetown USA”

If you want big city amenities with small town values, look no further than Norco, California. In this horse and western themed city, hitching posts are as common as parking spots, and horse trails replace sidewalks throughout much of the city. Norco, an abbreviation of “North Corona,” became a city in 1964, and it included city ordinances that encouraged western and rural qualities in its architecture. Politics within the city are often more dominated by concerns about horses and animal rights than anything else. Some of the great events and entertainment found in Norco include: the Annual Norco Fair, a Farmer’s Market every Sunday, National Day of the American Cowboy, and over 130 miles of horse riding trails. Norco is truly a unique city!

Pest Problems

Norco may be an animal friendly city, but not all animals are welcome. Although the residents of Norco much prefer horses over rodents and insects, Norco has just the right setting and climate for these types of household pests to flourish. Set in Riverside County, Norco is warm and dry throughout much of the year. People and pests flock to its great temperatures and seemingly endless sunny days. During the summer when temperatures rise, insect activity increases and ants, bed bugs, and mosquito populations explode. As winter and the wet season approaches, residents often have more problems with things like black widow spiders, roaches, and rodents. Because of its temperate climate, Norco has year round pests and will have no shortage of things that will “bug” you.

Pest Solutions

The best solution to get rid of unwanted pests and get you back riding the trails is Top Notch Pest Solutions. Our company is based on offering quality products and unsurpassed service. We are confident that you will love our pest control services, or we will come back and make it right. With over 30 years in the pest control business, you can rest assured that we can handle anything your home or property can throw at us. From Argentine ants to subterranean termites, we have seen it all and have solutions that you can count on. Don’t let another day of frustration with pests go by. Call us and see what solutions we have to offer!

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