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The city of Hemet, CA is located in the San Jacinto Valley in Riverside county. Originally belonging to the Cahuilla Indian tribe, in the 1800’s the land became a cattle ranch for Mission San Luis Rey. Agriculture remained part of its history for nearly 100 years as it was a trading center for citrus, apricots, peaches, olives, and walnuts. While it still holds onto its rural roots, Hemet has experienced its share of growth. In the 1960’s the development of Sierra Dawn came to Hemet. It was the country’s first mobile home subdivision and brought with it many senior citizens that formed a retirement community. Today the economy is very focused on retail trade and health services, to meet the needs of the many seniors that still call Hemet home.

Perhaps the most famous thing about Hemet is the outdoor play that is held there every year. Beginning in 1923, the city of Hemet produced “The Ramona Pageant,” a play based on the book “Ramona” by Helen Hunt Jackson. The play depicts the tragic love story of Ramona and her Indian love, Alessandro. Jackson wrote it as a way to shed light on the terrible things that Indians in Southern California were being put through by the U.S. government and settlers in the area. The majority of the story happened in the area near Hemet, so although it is fictional, it also incorporated real events. The Ramona Pageant continues today and is the longest running outdoor play in the nation. It was named California’s Official State Outdoor Play and still attracts large crowds to Hemet every Spring.

And if you were wondering if it has changed since 1989, here’s some footage we dug up:

Hemet Pest Control

You can’t really ask for a more quaint place to view an outdoor play than Hemet. It is surrounded by the lovely Santa Rosa hills and San Jacinto Mountains. The weather is also great for experiencing the outdoors. Although it can get very hot during the summer months, the winters in Hemet are temperate and rarely get below freezing. This is what makes Hemet an attractive retirement community, and it also makes it attractive to pests in the form of bugs and rodents. Residents of Hemet experience year-round pests because of the nice weather. Ants are the most common household pest, and Argentine ants are particularly plentiful in the area. During the fall and winter, black widow spiders can often be found living in garages, sheds, and homes in the area. Since they are both a danger and a nuisance, black widows have also become one of the most called about pests in the area. Due to its semi-rural nature, Hemet also experiences some unique pest challenges like rats, mice, snakes, and other wildlife that venture into the city limits.

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Although Hemet faces year round pest problems, there is a great solution. Top Notch Pest Solutions services Hemet and the surrounding area and can make sure that no household pests will be bugging you. We love the people and community of Hemet and want to be your go-to pest control specialists. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Top Notch Pest Solutions knows how to get the job done safely and efficiently. We use only the best products and rely on trained and licensed technicians to provide friendly and effective service. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose but the pests. Give us a call today for more information!

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