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For the majority of the last 150 years, the area around Eastvale has been dedicated to dairy farms and agriculture. It was only in the late 1990’s that the area began transitioning to a more suburban lifestyle. Most of the people that moved to Eastvale were transplants from the much more populated areas of Orange and Los Angeles Counties. They flocked to places like Eastvale seeking affordable housing for their families and decent commute times to their jobs in the big cities. Eastvale was a particularly favorable place to move because of its great location. It is situated in the northwest corner of Riverside County, 8 miles from the LA county line and only 5 miles to the Orange county line. It is also extremely accessible, as it is squared between I-15 and State Routes 91, 60, and 71. Today Eastvale remains mostly a commuter town with a population of nearly 54,000 people.

Pest Problems

Eastvale has a beautiful Mediterranean climate with warm summers and temperate winters. With over 270 days of sunshine each year, it’s no wonder that many people find Eastvale an ideal place to live. Unfortunately, many pests also find the area to be particularly inviting. During the hot summers, Eastvale residents are often plagued by endless ants, bed bug infestations, and plenty of roaches. As fall and winter approach, the temperate, dry weather is perfect for the dreaded black widow spider to start entering homes and garages. Fall and winter is also the time that mice and rats are most often seen in homes in the area. Because Eastvale rarely gets below freezing, these insects and rodents are active year round and must be dealt with continually.

Pest Solutions

With all of the pest problems in Eastvale, it is important to find great solutions. Top Notch Pest Solutions is the answer for you. With over 30 years in the pest control business, we have the experience necessary to meet all of your pest control needs. We have licensed, experienced technicians that come out to your property, assess the situation, and come up with a customized plan. We use safe, quality products and guarantee your satisfaction. If you have trouble with pests between services, we will gladly come back and treat again to make sure that your family is safe, happy, and pest-free. We treat for everything from fleas and ticks to snakes and termites. No matter what is bugging you, Top Notch Pest Solutions has the answers for you.

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